Markus Strasser

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Game: Disco Elysium

Go and Play Disco Elysium. It is a master piece

From a piece about the makers:

And yet ZA/UM is a product of Estonia. Disco Elysium's crumbling city and compromised characters don't depict Estonia's history, but they reflect it. "Our generation is very much formed by the collapse of the Soviet Union, of the '90s Tallinn and Estonia, which was a gruesome time," says Rostov. "It was gave rise to the music that we grew up listening to, with serious lyrics and conceptual heft. Estonia isn't that place any more. Now it's loser-ville. We made Skype, we became e-residents of the e-capital of the world. The sweet stuff is already gone."

That kind of bitterness and anger, ZA/UM hopes, will travel outside Estonia's border now that Kurvitz lives in Brighton, while Kender runs its London office ("You know, the Barbican Centre is like a pocket of the Soviet Union").

Game: Disco Elysium