Markus Strasser

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What was the Problem with the Foundations of Mathematics?

It is built on a shaky foundation where reassurance is deferred infinitely

It is turtles all the way down

Before @Kurt Gödel it was still thought that all questions that can be posed formally, can also be answered but Kurt proved that there are unanswerable questions

Bertrand Russel's quest to find the ultimate truth and refactor the foundations of mathematics.

Interweaved with his personal journey, the madness that befalls his family and of other logicians and the trouble of getting to real truth

It takes 361 pages in Pricinipia Mathematica to know that 1+1 = 2, definitively

Studying Mathematics I had hoped to penetrate the essence of truth, but all I was learning was cheap calculating tricks

All of science facts can not describe the meaning of the world

When logic tries to encompass all that is, it can become a pernicious con trick

Incompleteness Theorem and the work of Ludwig Wittgenstein killed the belief of absolute certainty

Dadaism and much Contemporary Art is the opening of the irrational, an overcorrection, from the void of the collapse of old rule systems

"Things fall apart, the center cannot hold. Mere Anarchy is loosed upon the world" - W.B Yeats


Logic is mindless, it cannot speak reality

Try to make Logic - the formless - speak of substance and you get **nonsense*