Markus Strasser

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There will be very few Tech Clusters

And in my experience, Europe won’t have one of them...

@Tyler Cowen talking to Patrick Collison:

I think it will shock people how few tech clusters develop

I think the final number of tech clusters will be quite small: the Bay Area and several parts of China, Israel being a much smaller but still potent one.

Because it’s a fragile ecosystem.

It’s about project evaluation, it’s closeness to the number of major financial centers, and there are relatively few of those.

COLLISON: Do you generally believe in the idea of increasing returns to scale of knowledge clusters?

COWEN: Yes, absolutely. But again, you need funny kinds of insulation, too. It’s having both that makes a place special. So you don’t want a completely open system. You want a rhetoric that, “Oh, it’s all so open and incredibly fantastic . . .”, but that it absolutely isn’t at the same time.

There will be very few Tech Clusters